And Now for Something Different...

This month we decided to tell you a little bit about our current or recent WIPs (Works in Progress). The stages of our WIPs range from first drafts to just completed, and everything in between. So sit back, relax, and learn a little bit more about what we are writing (and why we can seem to only blog monthly)...

Intensive Revision and What I Learned From It
Heidi Thornock
I just finished an intensive revision session on two stories to submit to different contests.  Come read what they are about, and what I learned about myself as a writer. Perhaps some of my weaknesses are your own, and my post will help you (as well as me) avoid them in future drafts.

Tom Abbott
I've been working on a novel called "Mage's Craft."  Friends are always excited when they hear that I'm working on a novel.  They are curious to know what it's about, and when I'll have it finished.  I answer those questions, and talk about what I want in a story.

Some day...
Josh Morrey
Ever had a goal you've chased for many, many years? My current work in progress is focused on the same thing I've been working on since 2006: Winning the Writers of the Future contest. In this post, I talk about some of my recent entries in the contest and a little about the current story I'm working on to attain this lofty goal.