The Hero's Journey: Departure

The Hero's Journey: Departure

The Hero’s journey is a pattern of story development that can create powerful resonance in your writing.  Not every story has to fit the structure of the Hero’s Journey, but understanding how to adapt your story to incorporate ideas from the Hero’s Journey will give your story a more punch.

In this month’s Writer’s Ramble post, we explore the first overall stage of the Hero’s Journey, known as Departure.  In this stage, the hero’s normal life is interrupted, and he or she is compelled to leave their comfort area and venture into the unknown.

By Tom Abbott
In the basic pattern, the hero begins the story living in the every-day world, and has an experience of some sort that disrupts their life or alters the way they view the world.  This experience puts the hero upon a threshold where they must choose to stay in their safe little world or venture forth into the unknown 

By Josh Morrey
Why would you answer the Call to Adventure? Why do our heroes do it? In this post I explore the reasons we follow the characters in our fiction when they answer the Call. Do they answer it willingly, or reluctantly? What would you do?

The Refusal of the Call
By Heidi Wilde
How many of us dream of a life of Adventure, but when an opportunity knocks on our door we find a million excuses why we can't go? Our Heroes are no different. Once a Hero is given the Call to Adventure he or she will either accept or refuse the Call. You may be thinking that your Hero cannot Refuse the Call or there would be no story – and you would be partially correct. If you ended your story with a Refusal there really wouldn’t be a story, but there are a couple of ways that you can make a Refusal work for you.

By Heidi Thornock
In this post, I discuss how perhaps the Belly of the Whale isn't as narrowly defined as traditionalists would think.