A Satisfying Ending

Have you ever gotten to the end of a short story, or worse, the end of a novel, and wanted to scream? Whether at the book or the author or the friend who recommended it, when the end of a story is unsatisfying, we can't help but want to blame someone and slap them over the head, especially if we were emotionally invested in that story.

No matter what you write, endings are the most important part of any story. A reader wants to leave your world feeling satisfied with what they experienced. So how do you not utterly screw that up? This month the Writers Ramble takes a look at Satisfying Endings and how to do them right.

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Perfect Endings
by Heidi Thornock
There are lots of styles and techniques and suggestions out there about how to write the perfect ending to a story. And it's all good advice, and a great place to start. But in my blog, I take a more personal approach this month and talk about what I try to accomplish with my endings and some samples of how I do that...as well as a brief (I promise) rant about one of the most frustrating unsatisfying endings I've ever read and why.

It All Comes Right in the End
by Heidi Wilde
Have you ever finished a book, put it down and sighed? Was it a sigh of exasperation, or one of contentment? Perhaps it was one filled with regret because the story had ended. Maybe it was a sigh of pure joy because you felt empowered and changed. What is it that gives us these varying reactions at the end of a tale? What kind of reactions do you want your readers to have? What kinds of endings do you as a reader find most satisfying and have you ever paused to figure out why?

Deus Ex Offensus
by Josh Morrey
Endings are the hardest and most important part of writing. If you screw up your ending, you might as well just throw the story away, because chances are, no one will want to read it. So how do you know how and when to end your story? We'll look at a few ways to figure this out and talk about how to do it right. 

Writing Diaries: Writing Satisfying Endings
by Niki Hawkes
A lot more goes into writing a great ending than most people realize. There are so many elements to consider, everything from conflict resolutions to character growth, and they all have to weave their way to a single, satisfying ending. In this post, I'll present my four essential elements of story endings and speculate on why some strategies work better than others when concluding a story.

Writing a Satisfying Ending
by Tom Abbott
The ending to your story will make it or break it for your readers.  You need a good payoff, but how do you do that?  This question doesn’t have an easy answer.  It’s a problem that has plagued writers since mankind first put pen to paper.

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  1. Great job, all of you!!! Now I feel silly for not participating:( Life happens. Anyway, I will be up for the next one. Thanks for bringing me on board. I feel lucky to be a part of such a great critique group.