The Writing Process: Finding Time to Write

If you're a writer, chances are you've struggled with finding the time to write. Let's face it, most of us spend more time stressing about writing than actually doing it. Sometimes getting a little insight into how other people manage their writing time can help you develop a system that works for you. Who knows, perhaps you'll read about the method you haven't tried yet that could make all the difference in your own writing process.

So with that in mind, we invite you to click on the article below that sounds most interesting to you, read it, then come back and choose another. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Making Time for Writing
by Tom Abbott
How do you make time to write?  Let me share with you what three things that have worked for me.

How Do I Write? Let Me Count the Ways…
by Heidi Thornock
In my post I talk about the multiple unconventional methods I have found for finding time to write. I try to give practical advice from one who has tried multiple strategies. I also give you ways and reasons to stop beating yourself up for NOT writing as much as you "should."

Do You Sabotage Your Writing Time?
by Josh Morrey
So this month's topic for the Writers' Ramble is Finding Time to Write. Which we all know really translates to Making Time to Write. Which is really just making writing a higher priority than many other aspects of your life. So my question is not how do you find time to write, but what do you let keep you from your writing?

Who Has Time to Write? (Part II)
by Niki Hawkes
In this article, I present advice I have gathered from published authors and explain how their words of wisdom have shaped my own writing processes. After all, these men and women have managed to turn their passion into full-time careers and, by examining how they find time to write, we can get an insight on what it takes to be successful in this business.

My Plan of Attack
by Heidi Wilde
In this month’s Ramble we discuss making time for writing. This is something I struggle with every day. It makes no sense, really. Why do I avoid and back-burner something I enjoy so much? I've recently made a three-part plan to deal with my avoidance issues.  If you find yourself avoiding your own creative pursuits, perhaps this will help you as well.

Getting into the Zone
by Shantal Sessions
If you're a writer, you know exactly what I mean. With all of the distractions that life throws at us, (work, family, friends, responsibilities in general) it's a miracle anyone of us can find the time to write it all. You can't exactly get rid of all of life's distractions, (not those ones, anyway:) but they can certainly be tamed. More on that in a minute. The harder part for me when I do finally allow myself writing time is sitting down at my computer, fingers hovering over the keyboard, and I'm staring at a blank page. Or I'm staring at words I've written before that need editing, and I've no idea how to fix them. Nothing comes to mind – nothing! This is when I sigh, bang my head on the desk and desperately want to pull my hair out. However, there is hope. :)