What is the Writers Ramble?


[ram-buhl]  verb, ram·bled, ram·bling, noun
1. to wander around in a leisurely, aimless manner.
2. to talk or write in a discursive, aimless way.

 Hi, and welcome to the Writers Ramble!

The Ramble is a hub for blog posts about the craft of writing fiction. Here you will be able to read snippets of articles written by our members about a central topic and choose which blog posts interest you. Simply read each snippet and, if that article sparks your interest, click on the link to be taken directly to that member's blog for the complete article.

Don't like what you read? Disagree with that particular author? Or loved it so much you want more? Simply navigate your way back to the Ramble and follow the link for the next member's post. It's that easy. Here you will be able to gorge yourself on a new topic each month as our members explore the various aspects of writing.

And feel free to comment on the topics and opinions shared. We're all learning here, and we can only improve if our readers let us know what they think.

And, of course, have fun!

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